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Why Timisoara, Romania

RoEnergy South East Europe Timisoara 2016
Timisoara, located in the West part of Romania, at the border with Serbia and very close to Hungary and Austria, presents some clear advantages to be recommended as the ideal location for an exhibition of renewable energy.
  • Strategic geographical position: proximity to the main European markets, Vienna 550 km, Berlin 1000 km, Amsterdam 1700 km and a potential distribution point for countries from Asia, Middle East and Russia.
  •  Well developed infrastructure and logistic facilities in course of expanding.
  • "Capital" of western region of Romania, here has its headquarter the West Regional Development Agency.
  • Excellent position: the gateway entering the country, located at the confluence of four economies (Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian and Austrian), an important road junction.
  • Renowned university center with tradition, faculties in the technical field, engineering, agriculture,chemistry, renewable energy related.
  • The second city of Romania, in terms of economic development where there are already big size investments: Alcatel, Continental, Delphi, Smithfield Farm etc.
  • Area suitable for solar, bioenergy and hydroenergy. Resita has a high potential of development in hydroenergy plants.
  • Zone with a high potential to produce biogas / biomass due to extensive agricultural holdings in Timis county.
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