Seven reasons why you should be present in 2024 at the RoEnergy Trade Fair, seize this opportunity:
1. Take advantage to be among the first players in an emerging renewable energy market
2. Win new potential customers, distributors, collaborators, new projects
3. Find out the newest trends in Romanian, regional and European markets
4. Get in touch with authorities, experts, and industry decision-makers
5. Analyze the competition
6. Testing, taking the direct pulse of the market

7. Brand promotion, brand awareness 
The RoEnergy Trade Fair offer in Timisoara offers:

  • International exhibition and specialized conferences in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, where the demand from the east meets the offer from West Europe.
  • The opportunity of starting a networking focused on key people in the industry
  • Popularity in the profile community

Why Romania?
  Five reasons to invest in renewable energies in Romania


  •    The largest country (population and area) in South-Eastern Europe. Romania is still in an emerging phase in renewable energies.
  •    Favorable legislation (prosumers + large needs for biomass, hydropower, solar and wind energy).
  •    Huge potential in Energy & Energy Efficiency (residential, services, agricultural, industrial): production, heating, energy management, etc.
  •   Fiscal advantages: Romania has among the lowest taxes in the EU (profit tax, dividends, employee taxes, etc.)
  •   Political and economic stability