Privacy Policy

In order to be able to offer you services and products, R.E.S. GROUP SRL collects certain personal data about you. By using our services, as website’s users or by participating to our events / trade fairs, please be aware that R.E.S. GROUP SRL is processing your personal data, as shown in this Privacy Policy.
R.E.S. GROUP understands that you value your personal data and for this reason we are obliged to protect them.
In this material, we give you details about what kind of data we are collecting, the purpose of  it, the basis, and how we do in order to protect your personal data. If you feel you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, we are kindly advise you not to use any longer the services of  R.E.S. GROUP.
This Privacy Policy shows the means by which R.E.S. GROUP processes personal data through:

•    Websites like, (and / or subsidiary, temporary or specific sites, or applications such as landing pages)
•    Newsletters to which you have subscribed to and which we are sending to you
•    The events organized by us and in which you have attended

R.E.S. GROUP SRL with headquarters in Arad, 9, Predeal str., Bl.7, sc. D, Arad County, registered at the Trade Register Office of Arad, no. J / 02/16/2007, CUI RO20437841, is a Romanian legal entity having as object the trade fairs and exhibitions organization. R.E.S. GROUP SRL is a personal data operator.


If you wish to exercise your rights under this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following coordinates:
- by e-mail at 
- by phone 0040-357-436-266

What we are looking through the Privacy Policy

Through the Privacy Policy, we are correctly and effectively looking to inform you of  how R.E.S. Group srl is processing your personal data so you can acknowledge whether or not you want to provide  us with this kind of date.
By accessing the website and using our services, you are agreeing to the Privacy Policy that we are presenting here.
R.E.S. GROUP recommends you to constantly follow the Privacy Policy in order to be up-to-date how to protect your personal data.
We reserve the right to continually improve the Privacy Policy to provide you with an adequate protection.

What kind of data we collect and process
The expression "processing of personal data" means any operation performed with personal data such as: collection, extraction, transmission, recording, storage, structuring, restriction, archiving, deletion or other similar ways to those described here.
We aim to collect only the data which can help us to provide you the most appropriate and effective services you have initially requested for us.
When you are using the services offered by existing applications on websites or by participating to trade fairs (through trade fairs are meant the following categories of events / public events: exhibitions, conferences, roundtables, workshops and other similar events, so as defined and described in the Exhibitor's Manual, posted on the website).
R.E.S. GROUP  may collect and process certain personal data about you (for example the following but not limited to: name, country, e-mail, telephone number, company, website, IP address.)
Taking into account the specifics of our activity, we usually collect the following data about you:
- if you decide to participate to events, as an Exhibitor, we need to collect personal data about you, which is obtained from filling in by you the Participation Contract
- identifying data of the legal representative of the organization such as name
-the contact details of  your organization's representative who will handle the communication with us in order to manage your participation to the trade fair. (name, email, phone)
- if you decide to visit the event, it is necessary to register as a Visitor. This requires providing us your personal data, such as: name, organization, email, phone number, data about professional interests (e.g., activate in solar energy or as a solar / photovoltaic panel manufacturer or other similar data)
-if you decide to subscribe to our newsletter service, it means that you are giving us your email address
-if  you wish to be informed about other future events
organized by us, you can decide to give us your phone number, website
organization or email address.

-  if you would like to participate in certain events organized within
the trade fairs supported by us, it is necessary to give us your data
contact (for example, name, email, phone number, company’s  name)

We mention that some of the personal data above listed is necessary for organizing and supporting of the events. For example, if you participate in a contest or a riffle and you are among the winners we need your personal data to be able to offer your winning prize. Also, our collaborators or co-organizers need your data to be able to manage this type of event legally.
If you visit our websites, we inform you that we can collect dates like the online identifier or cookies needed in order to be able to offer you the right services at the expected quality.

For what purpose do we collect and process your personal data

R.E.S. Group uses personal data to be able to communicate with you more efficiently and provide you with superior quality services, in case you will benefit from our services.

Thus, we can collect personal data for marketing communications,
by e-mail or sms only with the consent of the beneficiary.

R.E.S. Group may use personal data provided by explicit agreement in
commercial communications to other websites, including social networks.

Also, if you provide us your email address or telephone (via
registration with newsletter or similar services), your data will
be used only to provide you with the information, service you have subscribed to.

We use your personal information in order to offer you services as close as possible to your interest.

R.E.S. Group can collect your personal data through the website,
through the registration cards (flyers) completed by visitors to the trade fair but also from other legitimate sources, such as partners, social networks, public websites associated with an account or profile, information or applications that a  social network can pass on to third parties.

We specify that you are free to change at any time your mind if you don’t want to be in touch with us any longer. 

This can be done by accessing the unsubscribing link without any justification from your part or by a specific request from your part in writing expressly in this respect.

Regardless of the way we collect, we assure you that your personal data it is
in a safe manner processed.


Requested data and appropriate legal bases under which
we process personal data

1. Your subscription to the newsletter (email) through the website forms in order to receive information about the offered services

By subscribing to the newsletter, you will need to provide us your email address and telephone number to be further informed about our events and other related industry news.

If, at some point, you consider that you no longer want to be informed
you can unsubscribe without giving us any explanation, just by
accessing the unsubscribe link.

Legal basis: Our legitimate interest in improving our services
offered to you

2. Requesting Information (Stand Offer Request) through the website forms to analyze a potential participation (as Exhibitor or Sponsor) at our events.

To your request to receive information like price quotation and other details
necessary to evaluate your participation to the event, you will have to provide us with the following information: your name, email, phone number, field of activity, company, country, surface (square meters) of the stand, type of stand, in order to properly respond to your request.

The fact that we are sending you the information that you have asked for does not force you at all to accept our offer.

Legal basis: Our legitimate interest in responding to your request

3. Your registration as Exhibitor and / or Sponsor.

If, after your analysis, you decide to participate as a exhibitor / sponsor at the trade fair, it is necessary to fill in and send us a participation contract (form type).

It is therefore necessary that you give us the name of the legal person, company name, the name and surname of the legal representative of the company, the name and email of the person we need to communicate with regarding the participation contract registration and completion of the registration formalities to the event.

Legal basis: Conclusion and execution of the participation contract.

Online subscription of visitors by filling in the forms from the
website to visit the exhibition.

If you would like to visit the exhibition, we are kindly asking you to fill in the
available online forms on the website, with the following data:

-Phone Number
-The position in the company
-Field of activity
-Company's website

Legal basis: Executing your registration request.

Please note that these data will only be used to compile different event statistics, exclusively only for this, which will help us provide you higher quality future services.

Please note that such statistics will not in any way contain any personal data of the visitors.

4. Registration of visitors by filling out forms (cards / flyers) offered at the event venue for visiting the trade fair.

If you would like to visit our trade fair, we require you to fill in
the form that will be given to you at the exhibition’s  entrance with the following data:

-Phone Number
-Position in the company
-Field of activity
-Company's website

Legal basis: Executing your registration request

Please note that filling in this kind of form (flyer / registration card) it is not mandatory, remaining at your discretion if you would like or not to fill in the visitor registration form.

Regardless of your choice, you are free to visit our trade fair.

Please note that such statistics will not in any way contain personal data of the

Legal basis: Executing your registration request.

5. Organizing and conducting various events type like a raffle, which brings awarding prizes to the winners.

In order to organize such events, we need you to fill in a form with your personal information: name, email, phone number.

These data are required so we can announce the winners as well as possible
clarifications regarding the enrollment process in the contest.

Legal basis: Our legitimate interest, organization and unfold of the event

6. Actions to promote the events / competitions with awards / trade fairs organized by us in collaboration with our collaborators and / or sponsors. 

In order to provide you with high quality services, we need that our events to be promoted to the public including through promotions, social media and sponsors.

For this purpose, it is necessary that your image (photos, video)
obtained during the public event to be processed and subsequently promoted
on our websites, on the sponsors' or exhibitors’ websites and on the accounts of the various social networks (ours and of sponsors).

Legal basis: our legitimate interest and of sponsors, public information
about the offered sponsorship.

7. Reporting to the authorities.

Organizing different manifestations during the trade fair involves the realization of some reports to the authorities. So, we need to collect and process the name, the billing address as these data are required for the preparation of accounting documents in accordance with the legislation in force.

Legal basis: Compliance of legal obligations.

8. Data automatically collected.

In order to ensure at our websites maintenance and a proper security, we use online identifiers: IP address, Mac, your internet browser, system version that your device is operating and connect online, HHTP / HTTPS.

Legitimate interest: Implementing and ensure adequate security measures of the

9. Cookies

With Google Analytics, we're trying to provide you personalized services responding to your needs and requests on Google Analytics.

We use cookies (text codes exchanged between the web server and browser that are required to supplement the HTTP protocol limitations) in the following way:

- Cookies strictly required: allow you to browse our website and access secure sections on the website. These cookies do not collect information that could be used for advertising or to record your activity on the internet. If you do not accept this group of cookies, you will not be able to access the secure areas on the website.

- Google offers cookies to analyze the traffic in the presentation section of this website. Information about your use of our website may be shared with Google for this purpose (your abbreviated IP, browser parameters, time and date of access).The collected information is used to provide global conversion statistics. 

All modern browsers offer the possibility to change cookie settings. These are found in the browser's "options" or "preferences" menu, and it is possible in the browser to set up so that these cookies not to be accepted.

Legitimate interest: ensuring the optimal website operation.

10. Defend the rights in Court

In situations where we must defend our rights by appealing to justice for the
debts recovery, or when we have to protect our interests against certain claims, we will process your data in accordance with legal procedures put in force.

Legitimate interest: exercise of the rights in relations with the Courts, public authorities.

11. Reports to the authorities

In situations provided by the Romanian legislation in force, we process your data for accounting and tax statements to the authorities.

Legitimate interest: fulfilling legal obligations.

12. Authorities’ procedures of and / or judicial bodies.

In case where investigations are necessary and to the authorities’ request, in compliance with legal force requirements, we will transmit your personal data
to the authority representatives.
Legitimate interest: fulfilling legal obligations.

In cases where we decide to process your personal data in other purposes than those described above, you will be informed by submitting an information,
so that you can expressly and freely give your consent, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, par. 1 (a).

Are profiles automatically created?

The personal data referred to in this Policy are not subject to automated decision-making processes, including profile creation.

Who has access to your personal data?

The purpose for which we collect and process your personal data is that,
through this information, we can offer you more appropriate services.

In order to achieve this goal, sometimes, we transmit certain personal data
to our employees and partners / collaborators, but only after we have made sure that everyone knows and fully complies with the personal data protection legislation in force.

Please note that we only pass on to our employees and partners
data that is strictly necessary for the performance of the event job tasks
or contractually business objectives established. We also specify that
these data will not be used by employees or partners / collaborators but strictly for purposes very well defined, which cannot leave space for interpretation.

To whom can we communicate your personal data

We may transmit your personal data to third parties for the marketing actions related only to events (trade fairs) organized exclusively by R.E.S. GROUP.

R.E.S. GROUP may transmit your personal data to third parties only in
the following situations:

In relationship with service providers, contractors, partners, cases where it
is absolutely necessary to ensure the contracting of the respective services (
for example, we can communicate with the newsletter service company
or with the company that assures website maintenance, as these services
could not have be done otherwise).

In case of actions such as promotions or contests, carried out in collaboration with another organization (for example, we can communicate with the professional association of electricians for a competition on specific themes
in organizing a business event, as these services could not be achieved otherwise).

How we make sure that your personal data is collected and processed safely

Personal data management provides measures and procedures which offer an adequate level of security regarding the collection, organization,
processing and storage.

Furthermore we constantly ensure that all our partners and collaborators adequately comply with the Romanian legislation regarding personal data
protection law in force.

If there is a security gap we will make all the necessary notifications, in accordance with the legal provisions.


For How Long We Store Your Data

According to our privacy policy, your personal data will be stored
as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which they were collected
to be able to respond to your requests. For example, we'll keep the data as long as it is reasonably necessary to comply with an obligation or to settle a dispute.

The storage period depends on the purposes for which it were collected,
legal requirements, sensitivity, quantity, nature, volume, and potential risk
that the data to be affected.

If you have given us your consent to collect and process -
according to the above cases listed and detailed  - we will process your
data corresponding to the purpose mentioned, except when
we are obliged to keep this data for a longer period, because it is
provided for certain legal regulations (accounting, justice, etc.)
From the moment we no longer have a legal basis or legitimate purpose for keeping your personal data, we specify that your personal data will be deleted.

Can your data be transferred outside of the European Union or European Economic Area?
Normally, your personal data it is not stored or transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.
However, there may be some situations where your data may be transferred to countries located outside the EU or EEA to certain collaborators we cooperate with in order to offer you improved services. 
Nevertheless if there will be such collaborations, we will make sure that your personal data is processed under safety and adequate conditions, in accordance with the Romanian legislation of and the EU’s. Only in these conditions we will be willing to cooperate with non-EU and EEA partners.


What rights do you have as a user of our services
As mentioned above, you have the right to give up at any time to the collection and processing of personal data that came into our possession.
For deleting your personal data from our database you must write us by email at mentioning us this request or by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the page in our newsletters.

For any concerns, recommendations or complaints, please let us know
by writting at, or call +40.357.411.642

In connection with the processing of your personal data, in accordance with the legislation in force, you benefit of  the following rights:
- The right to be informed
- The right to access your solely personal data collected
- The right to rectification
- The right to deletion (the right to be forgotten)
 - The right to restrict the processing
- The right to oppose to your personal data processing
 - The right to withdraw the consent given for your personal data processing
 - The right to raise objections
 - The right not to be the subject of a decision based exclusively on processing, including the profiles creation 
 - The right of your data portability
- The right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Authority (ANSPDCP), with address on G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, Sector 1, postal code  010336, Bucharest, Romania, phone +40.318.059.211 / +40.318.059.212, email
- The right to legal action

By reading these lines, which is the POLICY OF CONFIDENTIALITY, and by providing your personal data in order to have access to the services offered by us, you are informed and / or will express your agreement (you consent freely, expressly and unequivocally) regarding the processing of your personal data in accordance with the legislation in force of the protection of individuals and the free movement of such data (according to internal legislation and EU Law).
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