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(Press Release - 30.03.2024)

• Why Choose the RoEnergy Trade Fair

Dream turned into reality. Twelve years ago, at the RoEnergy Conferences, the concept of prosumers was introduced for the first time in Romania. What seemed like something out of science fiction at the time has now become a reality; hundreds of Romanians are already producing their household energy independently with the help of photovoltaic panels, and their numbers continue to grow at an unexpected rate.

Practical lessons taught at exhibitions. But RoEnergy conferences didn't just limit itself to presenting the advantages of prosumers in a conference room through a PowerPoint presentation. At RoEnergy exhibitions, whether held in Bucharest or Timisoara, practical workshops were conducted, inviting interested property and business owners to learn directly from specialists what it means to produce energy on the roof or in the yard. Lessons from energy books were exemplified with the help of products showcased by exhibitors, allowing participants to understand the source of energy power.

Global networking. Today, energy and renewable energies have become indispensable. Almost daily, we read about new investments in PV parks, storage, biomass, or energy efficiency. In this vibrant market, we need technologies, know-how, and global connections, because otherwise, we won't be able to survive.

Only at the RoEnergy  Trade Fair Timisoara 2023 edition did top global companies from three continents exhibit, from over 10 countries.

For three days, hundreds of brands were showcased, from Austria, the Czech Republic, China, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Germany, Greece, Poland, Hungary, and Romania, focusing on solar/photovoltaic, MHC, energy storage technologies, biomass, cogeneration, energy efficiency, etc. Thousands of business cards were exchanged, hundreds of topics of great interest were debated, creating numerous new business connections and, most importantly, adding significant value.

According to surveys conducted, everyone who attended the event had only positive outcomes and was extremely satisfied.

Participate at RoEnergy Timisoara 2024 and once again benefit from all these and even more!

• Three days of innovative technologies & networking

Leveraging the biggest experience in the Romanian market, with trade fairs organized annually since 2010 focused exclusively on the renewables, the RoEnergy Trade Fair remains the sole exhibition in Romania that has promoted green energy for over a decade. It continues to prepare exceptionally attractive surprises for the period of September 25-27, 2024, in Timisoara.

As we have done in previous years, in 2024, only at the RoEnergy Trade Fair will global innovations and cutting-edge technologies be presented for the first time by exhibitors from Europe and Asia.

In 2024, at the 7th edition in Timisoara and the 15th in Romania, products suppliers and technologies will meet face to face with renewable energy beneficiaries under the same roof during 3 days: companies, investors, associations, authorities, media, and individuals, continuing to support our country's transition towards a sustainable economy.

At the No.1 meeting place for the renewable energy industry in our country, the RoEnergy Trade Fair continues to bring together, year after year since 2010, without interruption, except for the pandemic years, the most relevant actors in the field: companies, investors, developers, professional associations, authorities, academia, and media.

The RoEnergy Romania Fair covers areas such as solar/photovoltaic, geothermal energy, biomass, biogas, cogeneration, micro-hydro energy, wind energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, BMS, etc.

Choose RoEnergy Trade Fair!

• No.1 since 2010, exclusively on renewable energies
• 14 editions already held in Romania, Bucharest & Timisoara
• Main gateway for foreign know-how companies & investments in Romania

For more details, visit http://timisoara.roenergy.eu

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